Saturday, April 5, 2008

Arsenal 1 - Liverpool 1 (Bendtner 54')

The title fight is over

Enough said. On an afternoon when we should have (but not necessarily "could have") won, the disparity in quality between our second string and Liverpool's second string was evident - and it did not flatter us too much. For long periods of time, Liverpool looked more coherent, more capable to mobe the ball and create opportunities, and ultimately more likely to win the game. Unfortunate as it may be and defeatist as it may sound, I am afraid Tuesday night will mark the last meaningful competitive game of our season. At this point in time and with the level of physical exhaustion that many of our players are clearly showing, qualification seems very improbable.

We lasted longer than last season - and certainly longer than many have predicted. The football has been absolutely amazing at times, and we have produced results even when our form was not at its highest. However, the scarcity of our numbers (as well as some very lengthy injuries to critical players) eventually caught with us and was our downfall.

No individual remarks or ratings today. I thought pretty much everyone was average, Fabregas and Flamini a tick better than most. One more thought: I was very surprised and disappointed with the team's reaction to Bendtner's goal - not one player went to him to congratulate him, while most actually immediately turned their backs at him. While it is no secret that Bendtner does not have many friends in the squad, the public showing of his standing within the squad was most unsettling - a most unprofessional display that gave me pause...

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