Friday, March 14, 2008

Champions League Draw: It's Liverpool

A likely all-English path leads either to the Cup or to an rematch against Barcelona

Earlier this morning, the draw for the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Champions League took place in Nyon. The Gunners were once again ignored by Lady Luck and handed a tie against Liverpool with the first game at the Emirates. If we go through, we will play (first game at the Emirates - do you see a pattern here?...) the winner of the Fenerbahce - Chelsea quarterfinal. If we go through to the final, we will play the winner of a likely Manchester United - Barcelona semifinal.

Here are the complete results of the quarterfinal draw:

Arsenal - Liverpool
Fenerbahce - Chelsea
Schalke - Barcelona
AS Roma - Manchester United

The semifinal draw:

Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea
Schalke/Barcelona v Roma/Manchester United

...So, an all-English path to the final - and then, it's either United or Barcelona. Tougher than it could have been - but has anything come easy this season?...

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